Laurane Mettraux

Laurane Mettraux


Mettraux grew up sailing on Lake Geneva with father and siblings. Alongside she also played a lot of different sports including gymnastics, roller hockey and football. Age 14 she started racing in the 420 class and age 16 she started at the CER [the Geneva Regatta Training Centre] with the goal to be good enough to be a part of a team to race on the Tour de France à la Voile, an annual yachting race around the coast of France.

Mettraux was with the CER for almost 15-years, competing at professional sailing events in different classes from the Surprise, J70, M34, Diam24. Her first ever professional racing experience was on board a D35 (a typical Swiss catamaran) she also joined OmanSail to race with a women’s team for the Sail Arabia Tour and TourVoile (although the TourVoile was cancelled because of Covid).

During the past few years, Mettraux was part of a TF35 team (new generation of the D35) as boat prep, competed in the Pro Sailing Tour on the Ocean Fifty Leyton and raced doubled handed in the ‘Tour de Bretagne’ in the Figaro – winning one of the coastal races. She also sailed with the Swiss Foiling Academy at two events on the GC32 Racing Tour as a flight controller.

Mettraux has a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics.

Mettraux spends the majority of her time outdoors, either up a mountain or on the water, being active. She enjoys skiing, cross-country skiing, block climbing, sailing the moth, practising yoga, and is currently trying to learn wing foil. During the winter she works as a substitute teacher, teaching food and cookery courses, to young people.


Function in the team :
Strategist - Switzerland SailGP Team

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