Christophe Margot

Christophe Margot


After studying civil engineering design, Christophe Margot turned to photography. He first worked on cycling projects, and be became independent professionally in 2000. He worked for prestigious clients, such as Omega, Philipp Morris International, New York Times or Red Bull. In 2010, he realized the importance of video and decided to change from photographer to film maker. He joined Team Tilt in 2010 through photographer Loris von Siebenthal, and they both covered the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup in 2013. He now works with Loris to share Team Tilt’s adventure.

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Birth :
22/07/1972 in Neuchâtel

Profession :
Photographer / film maker


« Through film making, I want to share with the public all the emotion of this amazing adventure.  »

Christophe Margot

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