Physical training with Sport Quest – significant progress ahead of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup

25 May 2017    Other  

Racing the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup requires considerable physical preparation. The youth squad has been training with Sport Quest for a number of years. Michael Vincent explains how they have trained the crew to develop the physical qualities needed for maximum performance on the AC45F.

“The team trains, on average, 6-8 hours per week. The programme is targeted and depending on the period that we were in, we focussed on strength, endurance and muscle power. Individual and collective coordination meant we could transfer the work done in the gym back to the boat. The different tests that we did showed good development in terms of physical performance of the team: we added over 10kgs on the bench press with a record of 115kgs set by Arthur, with chin-ups, the most significant increases were Jeremy who went from 22 to 29 chin-ups, Guillaume who went from 12 to 19 and Arthur who went from 15 to 23.”

Team Tilt would like to thank Sport Quest for their excellent work and are looking forward to sharing the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup adventure with Michael Vincent who will be joining us in Bermuda to support the youth squad right to the end!

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