Decision 35

Goal: train youth sailors on the D35 for the Youth America’s Cup 2017


Team Tilt competes in the D35 Trophy, the Decision 35 Swiss Championship event on Lake Geneva, previously called Vulcain Trophy. The catamarans are strictly one design and 11 teams compete in 25 to 30 minute races at eight regattas throughout the summer, including two classic Lake events: the Geneva-Rolle-Geneva and the Bol d’Or Mirabaud, both benchmark races.

Team Tilt finished seventh in its first season in 2013 with a young crew that was using the Decision 35 as a training platform towards the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.

In 2014, Lucien Cujean and Sebastien Schneiter rotated helming duties; the team finished sixth overall. In 2015, Team Tilt’s principal endeavour – youth training – remains at the forefront with a view to select the young crew for the next edition of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup 2017. With Tanguy Cariou as sports director, Team Tilt selected a young and talented crew for the season, and aims at finishing on the podium.

In 2015, thanks to its hard work and a talented team, Team Tilt wins the Bol d’Or Mirabaud a few seconds ahead of Alinghi and the annual D35 championship.

In 2016, Team Tilt finishes third overall, alongside taking part in the Gc32 Racing Tour and the Olympic Games.

The boat:

The Décision 35 was designed by sebschmidt naval architects in 2004

Hull length: 10.81m
Length overall: 14.95m
Waterline beam: 6.89m
Maximum beam: 8.74m
Sailing displacement, dry: 1,200kg
Mainsail area: 81.6m2
Jib area: 21m2
Solent area: 40.7m2
Genoa area: 70.8m2
Reacher: 131.1m2
Minimum crewmembers: 5
Maximum crew weight: 456kg

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