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Team Tilt is a sailing squad that offers structure and support to young Swiss sailors. The team won the Bol d’Or Mirabaud and the D35 championship on Lake Geneva in 2015. It competes in the Decision 35 Championship on Lake Geneva, is preparing an Olympic campaign in the 49er class and in 2013, represented Switzerland at the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup and plans to do so again at the next edition. The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup 2017 will take place in Bermuda, alongside the 35th America’s Cup. To get prepared to the event, Team Tilt enters the foiling world early 2016, joining the GC32 Racing Tour.

Alex Schneiter created Team Tilt in 2002. Alex is a two-time M2 Champion and holds the Bol de Vermeil, having won the Bol d’Or three times on a monohull, and the Ruban Violet monohull record from Geneva to Le Bouveret and back.


Silver medal for Team Tilt at Red Bull Foiling Generation World Final in Newport

Silver medal for Team Tilt at Red Bull Foiling Generation World Final in Newport 

Swiss helmsman Sebastien Schneiter and crewmate Gregoire Siegwart notched up a remarkable second place overall at last weekend’s Red Bull Foiling Generation season finale in Newport, Rhode Island in the USA. New Zealanders Olivia Mackay and Micah Wilkinson won the […]

Second place overall for Team Tilt youth squad at 2016 GC32 Racing Tour

Second place overall for Team Tilt youth squad at 2016 GC32 Racing Tour 

Team Tilt posted a fourth place at the final event of the GC32 season in Marseille over the weekend to secure second place overall on the 2016 GC32 Racing Tour season ranking. After five events across Europe, the French team […]

Team Tilt second of the Swiss FP Series 2016

Team Tilt second of the Swiss FP Series 2016 

Team Tilt finished second of the Trophée des Rentes Genevoises this weekend at the Yacht Club de Genève, and remains 2nd overall for the 2016 Swiss Flying Phantom Series championship. Alex Schneiter was helming this weekend, replacing Sébastien, with Grégoire […]




Date Event Countdown
Date Event Ranking
22/10/16 23/10/16 Red Bull Foiling Generation Final 2nd
1/05/16 16/10/16 GC32 Racing Tour 2016 2nd
13/10/16 19/10/16 GC32 Marseille 4th
01/05/16 09/10/16 Swiss Flying Phantom Series 2016 2nd
8/10/16 9/10/16 Trophée des Rentes Genevoises 2nd
01/10/16 01/10/16 D35 Trophy 2016 3rd
30/09/16 01/10/16 Closing Grand Prix 3rd
22/09/16 25/09/16 GC32 2nd
17/09/16 18/09/16 Grand Prix Yacht Club de Genève 1st
10/09/16 11/09/16 Grand Prix Alinghi de Crans 3rd
03/09/16 04/09/16 Grand Prix de Versoix 2nd
20/08/16 21/08/16 Bol d’Or Lac de Joux 2nd
05/08/16 20/08/16 Olympic Games 13th
03/08/16 06/08/16 GC32 Palma 3rd
07/07/16 10/07/16 GC32 Malcesine 1st
27/06/16 03/07/16 Red Bull Foiling Generation 1st
11/06/16 11/06/16 Bol d’Or Mirabaud 4ème
06/06/16 12/06/16 ISAF World Cup Weymouth 18th
04/06/16 04/06/16 Geneva-Rolle-Geneva 3rd
03/06/16 05/06/16 D35 Grand Prix Versoix 8th
26/05/16 29/05/16 GC32 Lake Garda 2nd
21/05/16 22/05/16 Grand Prix Versoix 1st
06/05/16 08/05/16 Opening Grand Prix 5th
25/04/16 01/05/16 ISAF World Cup Hyères 35th
12/04/16 17/04/16 49er Europeans 32nd
26/03/16 02/04/16 Trofeo Princesa Sofia 27th
10/03/16 13/03/16 Arenal Training Camps Trophy 15th
09/02/16 14/02/16 49er Worlds 46th
25/01/16 30/01/16 ISAF World Cup Miami 43rd
16/01/16 18/01/16 Midwinter 8th
29/11/15 2/12/15 Flying Phantom Series – Final Act Cancelled
17/11/15 22/11/15 World Championship 43rd
05/11/15 08/11/15 South American Championship 40th
5/10/15 10/10/15 Semaine Olympique Française 14th
1/05/15 27/09/15 D35 Trophy 2015 1st
25/09/15 27/09/15 Closing Grand Prix 1st
12/09/15 13/09/15 Open de Crans 4th
05/09/15 06/09/15 Grand Prix Yacht Club de Genève 2nd
12/08/15 22/08/15 Olympic Test Event 17th
06/07/15 12/07/15 European Championship 33th
13/06/15 13/06/15 Bol d’Or Mirabaud 1st
06/06/15 06/06/15 Genève-Rolle-Genève 4th
05/06/15 07/06/15 Open de Versoix 1st
26/05/15 30/05/15 SWC Medemblik 24th
23/05/15 24/05/15 Open de Versoix 1st
08/05/15 10/05/15 Opening Grand Prix 1st
6/05/15 10/05/15 Garda Olympic Week 15th
28/03/15 04/04/15 Princess Sofia Trophy 40th
12/03/15 15/03/15 Arenal Training Camps Trophy 17th
06/02/15 09/02/15 North American Championship 13th
25/01/15 31/01/15 Miami World Cup 41st
17/01/15 19/01/15 Midwinters Miami 27th
16/12/14 21/12/14 Christmas Race 19th
08/05/14 22/09/14 Vulcain Trophy 2014 6th
24/10/14 26/10/14 49er French nationals 7th
08/09/14 21/09/14 ISAF Worlds Santander 61st
19/09/14 21/09/14 Grand Prix SAP 9th
06/09/14 07/09/14 Grand Prix Grange & Cie 8th
30/08/14 31/08/14 Open Nationale Suisse 6th
01/08/14 05/08/14 British 49er Nationals 4th
14/06/14 14/06/14 Bol d’Or Mirabaud 6th
08/06/14 09/06/14 Open de Versoix 3rd
07/06/14 07/06/14 Genève-Rolle-Genève 4th
24/05/14 25/05/14 Open de Crans 1st
09/05/14 11/05/14 Grand Prix Les Ambassadeurs 5th
2013 season TeamWork M2 Speed Tour – General 2nd
27/09/13 27/09/13 Grand Prix Beau Rivage Palace 3rd
01/09/13 04/09/13 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup 4th
18/02/13 24/02/13 Red Bull Youth America’s Cup – Selection Series 1st

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